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Who we are

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    Portofruit Company is one of the leading companies in Greece for exporting fresh fruits.

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    Portofruit S.A. was established in 1920 and till now has produced profitable results. Nowadays the company is overall concentrating to the needs of large distribution.

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    We specialize in export of fresh Orange / Lemon /Kiwi / Mandarin and concentrated juice.



Therefore Portofruit S.A. got the ISO 22000:2005 Certificate for the area of "SELECTION, PROCCESING, AND PACKAGING OF CITRUS FRUIT AND KIWI". read more


Portofruit owns 50 hectares in Arta where the production of fruits is being done.

history In 1920 Portofruit established in Arta – Greece as an International Food trading company. During the 90's company has started to increase their activities in Greece. Later, the founder of Portofruit combined the trading and manufacturing under one roof.

Portofruit is the trusted source for citrus fruits such as: oranges, kiwis, mandarins and lemons. Best of all, these exceptional products are available according to our customer's requirements throughout specific dates. Our success has been built upon the single minded philosophy of supplying the best that money can buy.

We are actively involved from time of planting through harvest of the corp to have a unique and highly successful network of raw-material purchase. As a family run business, we seek to combine old fashioned values with the most up to date production facilities to produce the end product which is suitable to our client's demands.

We supply our products in standard and well know all packaging forms. Also in any packaging which is required when possible in our market is available. This bulk and customer packs, can be delivered exclusively under our labels.

Portofruit exports in many European countries and is the 4th generation of the family that produces and exports fruits.